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princess created the topic: im new here

hi im new here i was just looking for some advice on changing tank water. we live in lakes entrance in victoria and its freezing so im worried about the water heating back up as we use a hhose to refill it. is that bad? any help woul be great

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OFL replied the topic: Re:im new here

Welcome to the site, nice to have you here

Umm......... I wouldn't advise putting very cold water into a tropical fish tank. Where a slight change in water temperature isn't going to hurt the Oscar, dramatic changes are not recommended. This can be stressful to fish which can result in diseases such as white spot. If the water was to drop a lot below 20°C, this could certainly be harmful to the fish.

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:im new here

The best and easiest way to fill large tanks is to use a hose. A hose is loads easier than buckets!!!! However you really should be filling with water that is the same temperature as the tank water. It is better to refill with slightly warmer water than colder water. Refilling with cold water is not recommended

If you have a mixer tap in your kitchen or bathroom then buy one of those adapters that allow a housepipe to be connected to it. Then refill your tank from there. If you dont have a mixer tap then I would get one

Dont forget to put the dechlorinator in before you start to refill the tank

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Griller replied the topic: Re:im new here

You can fill a tub with cold water and put a standard aquarium heater in it over night. If you are into adjusting water chemistry then that would be an ideal place to do it as well.

When the water is ready you can bail it into your aquarium or - even easier - pump it in with a small electric pump and hose :)

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