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rick5547 created the topic: Hello

Hello, everyone, I am really glad I found this site.
I do have a question.. I am going to be moving to another state and I am wondering what is the best way to transport my Oscar. It is going to take 12 plus hours to drive there.
Any advice wuold be greatly appreciated.

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Hello

Welcome to the site. That's quite a long time. I would suggest keeping the fish in a large bucket with a lid on top. You should be able to purchase one somewhere. Don't feed the fish a day before transporting it, you want to avoid it producing too much waste. If possible, get some kind of oxygenator all stop a manufactured them for anglers to keep live bait alive. u can get them for a very reasonable price here in the UK so I don't see why you can't over there in the US. Oscars are okay with temperatures right down to 70°C, even love. So as long as you keep your car fairly warm, you won't need to worry about the water temperature. You might want to slowly lower the temperature of the tank.

I have to say that I had never transported the fish like this and for so long so this is just my opinion on how you could do it. Other people will have other ideas on how you can do it

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:Hello

OFL advice is good however you also need to think about your filter. If left off for 12 hours all the good bacteria will die due to lack of oxygen and when you set your tank up you will have to cycle it. To keep it going you need to somehow keep your filter running.
If you are going to run the filter you might as well run it on a box with the oscar in. I would suggest a polystyrene box and see if you can run the filter from the cigarette lighter (not sure if this can be done). If you do this the filter will hopefully keep the surface moving so an oxygenator wont be needed

Or you could arrange for someone to bring some media from another filter to you when you get there

As a last resort cycle the tank when you set it up. This is risky and could damage your oscars health so if you do this i would suggest 50% water changes everyday until you get a reading of ammonia and nitrite of 0

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jet replied the topic: Re:Hello

welcome its a great site :) julie

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