She may have died from a broken heart...

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MNeilssen created the topic: She may have died from a broken heart...

Three years ago I was given a juvenile albino red oscar from my aunt. She had gotten the fish along with another oscar only a week before for he 14 year old son. The other oscar was larger and had been bullying the albino. It got so bad that the fish couldn't swim anymore, most of its scales were missing, its head was severely wounded, and its lower lip was almost completely dislocated. I took the fish from her, expecting it to die. I dropped it into my 37gal. goldfish tank and was amazed that with a couple of days the fish was swimming freely. It seemed happy with the goldfish and grew very quickly. A few months later, she was the first resident of my 125gal. aquarium. For over two years she'd lived in there with many other large fish and all was well. She seemed to pair up right away with my Red Oscar. The two of them were inseperable the entire time they were together. They didn't spawn though. They just hung out and played roughly with eachother. That was until about six weeks ago. I came home from work at 4:30 in the morning and she was laying eggs on a flat piece of concrete. They were never fertilzed however, so I simply removed them. Two weeks later, at the same time. Eggs were being laid again! This time by my Red Oscar. I had myself a "breeding pair" of females! Obviously nothing came of this batch either. Their aggression towards the other tank inhabitants came to a head last week. All of the other fish were cowering in the far corner because of the extreme territorialism these two had developed. The only thing to do was to remove the flat stone. A day after doing so I noticed that my albino just wasn't the same. She seemed listless and distant. She refused food and stayed near the bottom of the aquarium. A quick check of the water chemistry revealed nothing. She had no visible signs of illness (other than behavioral) and all of the other fish were actually doing better (much less stress) than before. Last night my albino oscar died. She'd come to me as a beaten, pathetic, 2 inch hopeless fish. But she grew into a 12 inch healthy powerhouse. Can removing that one piece of rock cause a fish so much stress that it actually kills them? I may be possible. I think though that just maybe, she died of her broken heart.

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OFL replied the topic: Re:She may have died from a broken heart...

To be quite honest, it's really difficult to say why your fish died. Stress can certainly kill fish. Whether that stressed your fish out enough to kill it is really possible to save.

The fact that your Oscar stopped eating and stayed near the bottom of the tank sort of indicates that it probably was ill. What was wrong it I couldn't couldn't say.

I don't suppose you will ever know. Many breeders take the eggs out of the tank so I wouldn't have thought your Oscar will have died just because you did that

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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