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Stuard created the topic: hey guys

Hey guys
I'm new here
I have one oscar in a 55 gallion tank by it self
I am actually Oscar2015's cousin
I have talked to her about her Oscars
She has returned the new oscar
Olaf and demon are doing awesome
I was wondering why she was kicked off of here???
She listened to your advice and is getting everything together
For the 55. She loved this site and all the great advice

Also I don't have a way to get a pic of my oscar

Thanks for reading

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Lammergeier replied the topic: hey guys

Hi Oscar2015. I can see your IP address so trying to pretend to be your cousin or whatever is a bit silly, and completely pointless.

You were told to improve the care of your oscars if you wanted to be welcomed here, and that if you weren't willing to do so that a different forum might be better suited for you.

This forum takes fish care and treatment a lot more seriously than most other fish forums, so attracts like-minded people. People who don't agree (eg: someone like yourself who was keeping oscars in too small tanks with inadequate filtration and ignoring advice) with that way of doing things quickly find that OFL isn't suitable for them.

Stop with this kind of petty drama. Put your energy towards treating your fish better instead.

Edit: My bad, thanks for the heads up Suprd.
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Suprd71 replied the topic: hey guys

Account terminated by Admin earlier this week.

I may not be the Boss, but I'm ALWAYS right!
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