Oscar fish acting dead although alive

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UNC-CH replied the topic: Oscar fish acting dead although alive

@ daddadoo - It's a 40 gallon. The oscar is still a baby.

One thing I should have mentioned that is very important for now ... Since your oscar is still very small, it's difficult to know how much water you need to change and how often. If they tested your water and said nitrite was high (which makes sense after about a month), changing 10% isn't going to make a significant difference. You're better off doing 50% water changes. Just make sure to use a water conditioner that removes/detoxifies chlorine and chloramines like 'Prime'. You need to keep ammonia and nitrite down until your filter grows the nitrifying bacteria needed to convert ammonia into nitrite into nitrate. If you leave your filter pads/cartridges alone (just be sure they're not clogged and blocking the flow of water. This could overflow your filter!), your ammonia and nitrite should drop to 0 in about 3 more weeks and your tank will be 'cycled'. You'll still need to perform water changes to remove nitrate. High levels of nitrate is bad for your oscar, but nitrate is not toxic like ammonia and nitrite are.

This is a critical time in your cycle, so you really need to get an api master test kit which will tell you how often you need to change the water to keep ammonia and nitrite from getting too high. High levels can make your oscar ill and could be responsible for his appearing bashful.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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artaj replied the topic: Oscar fish acting dead although alive

update: You guys are all very helpful and I have been following you all. Don't get upset with me but I decided to get cichlid tankmate and after adding fish in the tank the oscar is extremely happy, something that I wanted to see. Oscar is playing and eating with the other fish when i feed them. They are swimming around the driftwood, play with each other. Now tank looks so lively and beautiful. I will update with the pics

I bought different kinds of liquid to prevent from nitrate, metal kind thing i think it says copper i believe , ammonia, chlorine, chloramite etc.
I am going to get water tested again and I will order API water test cuz in store its lil expensive..
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DBLN8 replied the topic: Oscar fish acting dead although alive

You came here for advise and after receiving said advise you went and did the complete opposite of everything you were told to do.
There's no more can be done here.
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