Bad case of HITH

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prania created the topic: Bad case of HITH

2 months ago one of my canister filters had stopped working. i didnt notice until the water was cloudy. Lokie immediately developed hith. I was doing water changes every other day. He is in a 75 gallon tank with 2 fluval 306 canister filters. i dont use carbon i doubled up on the ammonia stones instead. this tank has been fine for 2 years. I seldom had to change the water. i have a master kit and check it frequently. recently i changed all the media in both filters (not at same time) and every 2 days i have been doing a 80% water change but i dont understand how t nitrates are developing so quickly. It doesnt make sense. Lokie is 8.5 years old and we had gone through this before, but it never got this bad.

i ordered 500mg of metronidansole tablets and dropped them in the tank, icant put it in his foodm he hasnt eaten now for 3 days. im so stressed and upset for my fish. i dont want him to die.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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OFL replied the topic: Bad case of HITH

Believe it or not but fish can go for weeks or even months without eating. Fish that live in the Amazon region are used to having very little food during the dry season so concentrate on getting your fish healed up and don't worry about the food for the moment. Oscars like to show their displeasure if they are not being fed but just ignore them if they beg.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Bad case of HITH

A couple of your remarks to address... "I seldom had to change the water" Whether you think you had to or not you should have. An adult Oscar in a fairly small tank needs constant water changes. Absolute minimum one large, 80+% per week. Every 4-5 days would be better. Your fish may be reacting to long term exposure to poor water quality. Item 2.. "we had gone thru this before". Once an Oscar contracts hith, the chance of recurrence is greater, even if originally fully cured. Fact is, and I apologize for being blunt, but your Oscar may not recover from this one. At his age, past and current illness, a probable weak immune system all may add up to be too much for him. Not eating and inactivity is not good. I have seen your pics from another forum. Fish is in trouble. Use all the metro, it certainly wont hurt. As mentioned, dont worry about feeding. Not an issue at all.

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