Oscar Fish with haemorrhoid?

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oryansbelt replied the topic: Re:Oscar Fish with haemorrhoid?

Well. He is still with me and seems to be healthy and thriving. It flairs up every now and then still. I have seen it 2 other times since. I have even seen it go away right before my eyes while he was being fed. So weird. I treated him with antiobiotics in the food and also added garlic stuff to help with the taste.:sick: (bought in fish store). He ate that with gusto. I am keeping a close eye on him. The nit levels in the tank were elevated. I did water changes and cleaning every 3 days and that is now under control. He seems to be fine. I adjusted my conditioning salt and his body looks a little better. He was looking pretty rough. I adjusted the decorations in his tank as well and put in a new bubbler. It is a bubble Screen?. They all love that and spend alot of time playing in the bubbles. His tummy did get distended however, that is all but gone. My personal opinion is that he was constipated and it was too large and when he tried to poop, he got this problem. Thanks for your help!!!!!!

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Oscar Fish with haemorrhoid?

Glad to hear everything seems fine. Sort of sounds like a haemorrhoid, glad it wasn't too much of a serious problem. You should introduce whole prawns/shrimps to their diet, there is quite a bit fibre in the outer shell. I think this would be good for a fish that may have digestive problems.

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