Oscar Humor......funny little fish story

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06450F created the topic: Oscar Humor......funny little fish story

Some quick background. I have two Oscars, both about 2.5" long. The dominant fish i call "Chaser" has more bulk to him though. And the timid one i call "Oscar" has a minor case of Ich.

Anyhow....even before the Ich Chaser established himself as the bully of the tank.

I laughed my arse off today watch'n Chaser chase Oscar around.
At one point the little one (Oscar) was just chilling near my heater......them swoosh Chaser darted at him. Bam, right into the heater he went. Hahahaha, the little guy took off and the bully just sat there sort of razzled.

Later i realized the little guy has more "moves" in his bag of tricks. While being chased he is pretty slick and can turn on a dime. He zipped around some rubber plants and caused Chaser to run smack dab into those also.......while he zipped off into his little hid'n spot behind a bubbler hose.

These two fish are only 2.5" long and funny as heck to just sit and check out. They are now trained to know when i am gonna feed them and they beg at the top of the tank. The dominant one "Chaser" just sits smack dab in the middle of the tank and stares at me all day long.....and he has what look like big old buggy eyes compared to the other one.

My friend with Ciclids says the Oscar is boring.....i say heck no; my little fella's are a raz to enjoy the show they put on.

Any of your fish do this silly stuff?:cheer:

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Oscar Humor......funny little fish story

Sometimes my Jade eyed cichlid squares up to the Oscars, he has actually taken a dislike to a couple of them, the rest he doesn't bother with. They face each other with mouths open going back and forth seeing who will give up first, really funny stuff. Silly thing is, he is so much smaller than the Oscars now, not frightened at all though. It also makes me laugh when he takes some of the big pellets from the surface, his little mouth isn't big enough to get a whole pellets in so he sits on the bottom playing football with it. Because when he lets go of them, they are buoyant so start floating up, he then chases after the pellet and catches it until he can eat it. I'll have to try and take a video

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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Verse34K replied the topic: Re:Oscar Humor......funny little fish story

My Jack dempsey circles my oscar, mouth open. The jack dempsey strikes, the oscar backs away, the oscar stikes, and ramms right into the much bigger dempsey...very cool to watch.

At one point in time I had a java fern in my tank. It up-rooted, and the jack dempsey pulled it over to his hide-out. But the oscar wanted it...so he nudged it back-and the jack dempsey grabbed it- and he nudged it back...

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