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Bushbeard created the topic: HITH

Hi, new member here.
Our Oscar has had HITH for about a month. We started with Melafix then a multi cure containing Malachite Green, Methylene Blue and Acriflavine. Then we tried triple-sulfa, her condition only seems to be getting worse. Yesterday, 11/04 a newly opened Pet shop told us about Di-metroninolazate (DMZ) but they could not tell me the dosage. The Vet suggested 500mg/kg with a water change approx. every 3 days and re-applying.
She's 18 months old, 25cm (10 inches) long.
I realise her 3 ft tank is too small but there's nothing I can do about that for another couple of weeks.
She has always been a fussy eater, so the following cure is of no good to us;
1 medium dog wormer
100g fish flakes
sufficant cod liver oil to make above into a paste.
I hope someone can make use of this.

Any suggestions?
Thanks Bushbeard.

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OFL replied the topic: Re:HITH

Sorry for not getting back to you, I didn't see your post

I am somewhat confused. I assume you are asking for help in curing hole in the head?

Unfortunately, the size of your tank doesn't help. Your fish is very big and there isn't an awful lot of water there. Poor water conditions pay a huge part in hole in the head disease. I would think that you would need to be doing at least two large water changes a week to keep the nitrate levels at an acceptable level.

The problem with hole in the head is that fish often go off their food so purchasing medication that needs to be added to food is pointless. There are two medications that can be added to the water. Both may need a prescription from a vet. They are metronidazole and dimetridazole. You could ask your vet about these. Is it possible for you to post a picture of your Oscar?

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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c_etude replied the topic: Re:HITH

How many gallons is that three foot tank? My previous oscar which was in a 55 gallon tank, I had to sweep out the water three times a week MINIMUM. That's without gravel. With gravel it would have easily been 4 to 5 times a week considering how much poo it was producing. From one single fish!

The dog wormer is possibly toxic-actually it's made for dogs. That's how the dog wormer works--it's a POISON. Not enough to kill the dog obviously, but enough to kill the roundworms.
Cod liver oil is not made for fish and it is not even fish oil.
How extensive is the HITHD?

I knew someone with an oscar who had HITHD and the Melafix was totally useless.

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