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henry790 created the topic: Bioload

Having issues with my 75 gallon tank. I cannot lower nitrites or nitrates! Tank has been running about 2 months. Everyday I have been doing 30% water changes with no luck. I think my filtration cannot keep up.

My filtration 2 ac110 and a fluval 306
I also just bought a fx4 to help out.

My stock
1 4" Oscar
1 3" convict
1 4" green terror
1 3" firemouth
1 5" pleco
6 4"-6" silver dollars

Getting a 160 gallon by sep for my bday!

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OFL replied the topic: Bioload

Yes, I think that you already know what the problem is, you do have too many fish. Also, your tank may also be at the end of the process of cycling.

When you cycle an aquarium you can't just add lots of fish straightaway. The amount of bacteria that will be inside your biological filter will be minimal so you have to build your fish stock optionally. I'm almost certain that this is the problem.

Exactly what are the readings for nitrites and nitrates?

With that many fish that will be growing, not to mention all the food that will be going it's no wonder the nitrate will rise quite high. I'm afraid that until you get the larger aquarium you are going to have an uphill struggle to keep the nitrates at a minimum level. The problem will only escalate as the fish get bigger.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Bioload

Always keep in mind that filtration, no matter the amount is never a substitute for water changes. Efficient, established filtration converts ammonia to nitrite then nitrate. Nitrate will be managed via water changes. Your current tank is severely overstocked and bio filtration is being overwhelmed. The bigger tank needs to be very soon, September is too far off. You will have sick and/or dead fish by then. Meanwhile change more water volume to protect fish. Make it 75% per change. Fyi, your current stock will max out a 160g, possibly even over stock that depending on how big the pleco gets. You may want to consider rehoming some fish.

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