My oscar eats EVERYTHING.

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Woahmaryjane created the topic: My oscar eats EVERYTHING.

I have an eight inch, eight month old oscar I have decided to call Ursula. I originally put her in a 75 gal tank with a pair of angel fish (which I quickly learned was a bad idea), and two plecos. She ate one of the angelfish first. This happened within the first month for sure. One of the plecos came soon after. I moved the angelfish and pleco into a separate tank, and bought another oscar to accompany Ursula. This fish literally jumped out of the tank. She would pick at it often, and I guess the poor guy had enough. After he died she sulked for theee days, and refused to eat, which led me to believe she was "lonely", so I decided to get another friend for her. This happened to the next oscar I bought as well. soon after that I decided to go a different route, and purchase a large blood parrot who wAs supposed to be "aggressive." (It had been returned for that reason) she immediately tried to kill it, and I returned the fish. I tried another oscar one more time and purchased a lid for my aquarium so I wouldn't have any more fish on the floor. (Ik it was long overdue) as soon as we put the poor guy in she ate it. So, my question is, has anyone ever had an oscar seem this aggressive? Should I just keep her alone?

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muddybear replied the topic: My oscar eats EVERYTHING.

As you seem to have found out the hard way-an Oscar can be an aggressive fish. Remember, it is a predator.
Your 75g is really only good for keeping a single Oscar-she will want all of that room for herself.
There seems to be a popular belief that fish get lonely-this is simply not true, merely us humans displaying our anamorphic tendencies. True some fish are social and school-not the case with your Oscar. She will be fine in her 75 with only you for company :)

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Suprd71 replied the topic: My oscar eats EVERYTHING.

Hello and welcome to OFL. Like pretty well all cichlids, Oscars have characteristics unique to themselves. I have had Oscars that are good community fish, live with all sorts of other species. I have some that will tolerate nothing else, plecos and bottom feeders included. As stated though, you just dont have the space available for another fish. You will find that your Oscar will make the 75 look very small as the fish nears the one foot mark. If you have a future plan of tank upgrade, think 6ft and 150 plus gallons. You may be able to add a fish in such a tank, but it would need to be of similar size and demeanor as Oscar. Even then its a total coin toss as to success.

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