2 juvinel tiger oscars

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Mmb123 created the topic: 2 juvinel tiger oscars

This is my first time owning tiger oscars, so I seem to have a bunch of questions . :]. They are juvinel right now and about 2 inches long . within the last week one if them has started growing more and becoming more aggressive. We call them haira and zeus . haira has started chasing Zeus around more and running into his side by the fins. There are no marks or seem to be hurting zeus. There are other times the get along just fine .. Is this normal? how much is too much? I have read this normal and they are more aggressive but Zeus just runs away.. And occasionally hides in the corners , but haira leaves it alone once the are on the seperate sides, most of the time.. I'm just looking for more information and opinions as I don't want to see Zeus get hurt because he\she seems to be more calm. Zeus will very rarely actually chase after haira .. As time goes on seems less and less... Haira on the other hand is becoming the much more dominate one.. They have been together since day one. I am trying to give as much info as possible so I can get more feedback. Right now we have a 65 gallon tank, we know we will have to get a bigger one in the future .. There are two rocks for them to hide in one on each side, and two medium size plants towards the end of the tanks and one big one in the middle. We only recently put the bigger one in the middle hopefully to help kind of divide the tank .. Sorry for the novel just want to get the best advice \ info . thank you!!!

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Suprd71 replied the topic: 2 juvinel tiger oscars

You seem to have the right general idea. Oscars are very tough to match up. Its always a coin toss. If they start actual fighting, or one is pinned down and cowering, then its a fail and you need to separate. They may be ok for a while then it all goes bad. You are right about needing a bigger tank. That will go a long way to helping with the co-habitation. If your current tank is the standard 65 with a 3ft length, that is very restrictive even for one Oscar. It wont hold two for much more than a few weeks. If you can manage very soon, look into a 6ft tank of a minimum 125 gals. Even if the pair doesn't work out, you will have a good long term home for a big single adult.

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