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ppage872 created the topic: Tankmates

Okay so question time! I’ve had this goldfish for around 8-9 years now. He is 12 inches (31 cm) I was looking to get a few more tank mates for him. Would really want to include Oscar! First tank size is 125 us gal (473 liter) so tank size is good, I have the fluval fx6 filter. The temperature that I keep is 78-80 F (25-26C) I know Oscars can be aggressive if there is only 2 fish. And I see a lot of people keep them with other large, non aggressive fish (barbs, Bala, etc) if I add a few more fish in there. Would an Oscar be a suitable tank mate. Or would he kill everyone else?

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Tankmates

Thats awfully warm water you keep your goldfish in. Its age and size are surprising considering. Its a cold water fish, but regardless, do not include an Oscar as a tankmate. 125 is a bare minimum for a couple of foot long fish, but diet requirements for Oscar is far different than goldie. I wouldnt advise any cichlids as mates for GF. If anything, add more of same species, but not ones that can reach a foot long.

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