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CoenraadB created the topic: Introducing new Oscar

Hi All. New here, but not new to Oscars....

I used to grow out Oscars for a fish store while in Varsity. got 5/6 Juveniles and grow them to approx 6" return to store and got new ones. So I knew them 20 years ago...

My hobby stoped when I Married and got kids (grew them out now but pet store dont want me to return them)

So i got my son 15 interested. He started with a small 40l (aprox 12g) aquarium a year ago. The bug bit him BAD!.

at the moment he has 4 tanks in his room!
120L/35g community tank
20L/5g guppy nursery
65L/20g guppy tank
216L/55g Cichlid tank

the 55g has 1 Tiger Oscar (4") 2xSeverum (4") 2 SD (3") all living in harmony - At this stage stocking is fine we already have the glass to build a 450l/120g tank. just trying to figure out stand and filtration setup.

Yesterday we got hold of a small 2" Red Oscar when we put him in the tank the Tiger went CRAZY had attacked him. chased around tank into a corner behind the filter. Tiger started ripping at filter intake sponge to get to new one.

We pulled out the new one and put in plastic bucket, pulled out his starter tank and quickly set it up with sponge filter, sand and water from 55g (did a mini water change in 55g in the process) Now space is bit tight with 5 tanks running!

Why would the Tiger Freak out like that? he did not do it when we introduced the severums last week?

How long do you suggest we keep Red seperate before trying again?

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Introducing new Oscar

Could be several reasons. The Tiger has already claimed the tank as his own, doesnt see the Sevs or SD as threats. Both Oscars could be males, in which case this will never work. Tank space, territory is limited, as 55g is rather tight for one Oscar, let alone another with other fish in the mix. My suggestion at this point is to return the new Oscar, and dont consider adding any fish to the 55. If and when you get a 120g going, the current stock of the 55 will fill that tank as well. Oscars get very large, Sevs arent small fish as adults either.

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