oscar and tank mates

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ZOOBLAST created the topic: oscar and tank mates

MAN I Just put in a fire throat, and a jack dempsy in with my as adopted fish in with my
O and they are all about the same size but my bully is already starting to push them around.
I know that tank mates are a very few combinations but I couldn't just let him flush them so I took them in.

now I am starting to think its a bad idea, my O is pushing the fire throat around, and is starting on the jack.
I will let it go for a day or two but it looks hopeless at this point.

what is strange is that I just evicted my buddies O due to bulling, and for the next couple of days he was dark skinned
and sulking but now he/she is bright and happy, like he/she is only happy when pushing another fish around.

Am I doomed to have only my tiger in the tank, or do you think he/she will chill out?

sorry if this post is in the wrong spot mods...


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OFL replied the topic: Re:oscar and tank mates

Unfortunately oscars will often take a dislike to new tank mates, loads of people have the same problem. It seems that some oscars and more placid than others and will often be accepting of other tank mates. However, mixing aggressive or semi-aggressive fish is probably more of a risk than adding non-aggressive fish like silver dollars, earth eaters etc. Whereas all my fish seem to live together in harmony, the only other tank mates that my oscars will often have a little bit of banter with are the other semi aggressive cichlids I have got, they don't bother with the silver dollars, leporinus, or earth eaters. You'll just have to give them a little bit of time, you may find that everything settles down, then again, the aggression may just carry on.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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turtle lover replied the topic: Re:oscar and tank mates

Cichlids are bad tankmates for oscars.

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