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Sunks replied the topic: Re:Drift Wood

K... Does anyone know any online supliers that I may be able to order pieces from? Or do you just have to get lucky and find it at a store somewhere?


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Margaret150 replied the topic: Re:Drift Wood

I have always looked the natural aquarium look minus life
plants because they have always created a problem for me. Never had the pleasure of using real driftwood but did always use natural rock from the mountains.
I just set up my 150 & found in my aquarium store this awesome (I think) colored and heavy driftwood. Its called
Natural Malaysian Drifwood. They are pieces each individual wraped. Its says its 100% natural. Due to its natural pigmentation all driftwood will temp. turn the aquarium water slightly amber in color. To minimize this you soak the pieces in water over a few days changing the water in the bucket as it discolors. I did this for 3 days with my pieces and have had it in my aquarium now for
3 days and it looks awesome. The fish love it too!! Its
a dark wood which is really nice and looks great on my
dark river gravel.

Although, it might have been costly it is safe and natural. Small pieces are $7.99, Medium $14.99 and large were $19.99. Of course no one can guarentee the sizes they will get in. I will check with my aquarium
to see if the ship if they do you can always call them and tell them exactly what you are looking for and draw them a picture of certain shape you have in mind and they keep an eye out for it. They use this stuff in thier tanks and it looks great. My loaches are enjoying it.

Also, maybe you can just look up "Natural Malaysian Driftwood" and it will direct you to a online store???

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dinger454 replied the topic: Re:Drift Wood

Ive taken wood direct form a forest and put it straight into my tanks. The only thing ive had come out are insects and they've been eaten by the Oscars. Ive always picked up stuff from the forest floor tho not taken it direct from the tree. I use stones and elastic bands to hold them down but after a while they stay down on their own.

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