300 gal water change???

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marcus replied the topic: Re:300 gal water change???

I agree with OFL.dont wast your money. Heres how I change 2 x 50 gallon a wk. Its safe, And easy-ish... I have a 50g drum in the garage(B&Q £20). I fill this through a nitragone slowly. Nitragone removes 90% of nitrates in tap water(rechargeable with dishwasher salt lasts yrs)and this gives me nitrate free water.(nitragone £50ish tel:01708744880) I heat the new water in the drum to 28c then add tapsafe.Thats my clean water sorted...To clean tank,I then siphon crap out,off sand(siphon attached to hose goes to drain, takes 3 mins.I then add a second hose, 1 inch,inner bore dia to finish siphoning off water. Takes 2mins as the 1 inch hose drains it fast!( take care here!!!) In 5 mins i have cleaned and drained 50g. I then pump the water from drum to tank( old 405).Note as I only drain 50g (small mark on tank glass to aid here)and the drum holds 50g i have little chance of a flood if I forget while doing other things.The main benifits are..

1, The new water is nitrate free.
2,Its total safe for fish as new water is treated before going back into tank. Heated at 28c. Heating the water is important
3, its fast-ish.. 50gallon in 30 mins work.

down side are

1,Time to make water nitrate free very slow(25g a hr)but no wast water if you are on meter.leave hose on slow drip through nitragone
2,you will need space for drum.
3,cost of old pump anything will do, faster the better.
4,cost of 1 inch hose.This is well worth it if you drain a lot of water.I got mine for free from work:)

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maynardwix replied the topic: Re:300 gal water change???

I agree that these python syphons are not needed. I have had large tanks for a while now, and also have 4 other taks running and I have never used a python. I use a regular garden hose to remove the water from the tank, then when adding now water, I use a hose conected to a hot and cold water tap. I adjust the temerature so it is the same as the tank ans then start refilling the tank, I add a little declorinator first, then add it as the water is filling the tank.

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ricky1987 replied the topic: Re:300 gal water change???

is it save to add the water conditioner after adding tap water? i have a 90g and i empty with buckets and fill with buckets

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OFL replied the topic: Re:300 gal water change???

I always add the water conditioner just before putting the water in, I always turn my filtration off until the tank is completely full

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