How long do i have?

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richard9183 created the topic: How long do i have?

I just set up my first Oscar tank, i did alot of research and decided to go for a 58 uk gallon tank with 1 oscar.

i had everything ordered set up the tank and after cycling went to get the fish, this is were things get tricky, i only wanted one fish but because i spent so much on the tank the fish shop threw in another for free, and when i said no he said that it needs a friend (i know that this is flase because it is said alot that oscars can be by themselves) so now i have 2, 1 inch long oscars, my basic qusetion is how long until i have to get a 100 gallon+ tank. and returning th fish isnt an option because i have become attached to both of them!!!

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Necromancer4 replied the topic: Re:How long do i have?

i would hazzard a guess and say you probably have about 5 month or so before your water maintenance starts to become a little heavy.the only sure way to know is to do water tests(ammonia nitrite and nitrate) and let that dictate when it become to much for the size of your tank.

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OFL replied the topic: Re:How long do i have?

I would say eight to nine months would be the longest you would want to leave it before upgrading to a larger tank, even then, you might find your nitrate levels raising very quickly. This is of course if you have very good filtration, if you've not got a very good filter, then you could run into problems.

I can't believe the people at the shop told you that your Oscar needed a friend, what ridiculous advice give somebody who is new to the game, especially when they knew your tank setup. Cowboys, that's the only way to describe people like that

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