2 Oscars in a 75 gallon tank

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Vibs replied the topic: 2 Oscars in a 75 gallon tank

Draco.. Hi.. Noooo... I am not trying to prove that i can keep adult oscars in a 30 gall.. That would be totally wrong.. I had to do some adjustment for 8 days.. So i simply asked if i can keep them in a 38 gall for that duration in someones house.. Coz there is noone in my city who would come over in my absence and take care of the fish.. And i get an eyeful for that.. I cannot believe people on these forums are so high strung and intolerant.. I mean all that these so called experts have to do is say yes or no.. No need to start chiding me over such things.. But its ok.. Anyways one of the moderators subtly adked me to leave.. So maybe you should ease me out.. Mfk is more of an online UFC arena.. Where i wasn't the only person getting into arguments..
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OFL replied the topic: 2 Oscars in a 75 gallon tank

For as long as this website has been running we have always advocated that one adult Oscar should have a minimum of 55 gallons to itself. A large percentage of people nowadays would actually suggest that 75 gallons are the minimum for one adult, Oscar. Now whether it's 55 gallons or 75 gallons, we have always stuck to our guns. You have been given the right advice from more than one of our long-standing and experienced members. As far as I'm concerned the matter is closed now. If you think that you can keep an Oscar in a 30-gallon tank, or even a 5-gallon tank, you go ahead and do it your way, but we are not going to be here for your entertainment because I am pretty sure that you are just arguing for the sake of arguing.

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