Getting my first Oscar

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adamgreen created the topic: Getting my first Oscar

I'm preparing to get my first oscar next friday. This is what I plan on using for right now.

20 gallon tank
100 watt heater
white sand
power filter rated for 50 gallons
full hood with lights
a hide
water conditioner with stress coat
tank vacuum
scrub brush for cleaning the tank
fish net
5 gallon bucket

I plan on using this set up for part of this year changing out 25% of the water and cleaning it once a week.

Later this year I plan on getting a setup using a 50 gallon tank or larger.
For the 20 gallon setup is there anything I should change or add.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Getting my first Oscar

Hello and welcome to OFL. Planning for your first Oscar is exciting and I bet you cant wait! Please let me save you and your fish from failure. You cant raise an Oscar of any size in a 20g, for any length of time, they just wont respond well or develop properly. Do you have knowledge of the nitrogen cycle and how it pertains to the aquarium? This is must have information. I strongly urge you to wait until you can provide a 75g tank and equipment to run it. At that point we will eagerly help you along to enjoy the Oscar experience. Just to be clear... if you dump a baby Oscar in an uncycled 20gal tank, it will not live long.

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OFL replied the topic: Getting my first Oscar

There's not really much more I can add. I know that it's very exciting thinking about getting an Oscar and having people tell you that you haven't got the right equipment is hard to hear. However, getting an Oscar when he only has 20 gallons available is not the right way to start. Oscars grow very quickly and even though you say you are getting a 50-gallon aquarium soon, what happens if something goes wrong and he can't get it? The best thing you can do is wait until you've got a suitable aquarium and then get the Oscar.

At the end of the day, it's your decision, we can only give you the benefit of our advice based on a lot of experience. However, if you do go ahead and get the Oscar and keep a 20-gallon aquarium if something does go wrong then our hands are tied if you come back seeking medical advice because the Oscar has developed an illness.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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