Set up tank now or later

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danperagine created the topic: Set up tank now or later

So I've been itching to get my tank back up since it came down as a young teenager, I am now 26, full-time salaried position making pretty okay money. Being it a dream to get my tank back up and going again I decided to hunt for a good deal on a 55-75 gallon tank to give an Oscar a home. I found an EXCELLENT deal on craigslist for a 75 gallon basically from a couple that had it with the upkeep of a tank and I had even negotiated to further save me money. I am basically getting an all inclusive SET of everything I would ever need. But here's the thing, one is the transport and moving of the tank here which right now has nothing of super great interest swimming around, but I would still want to keep the bacteria. Secondly remember how I said I am 26, I am already gonna be ready to make a move maybe a year from now or even sooner if the opportunity arises, but local.

My question to you Oscar friends is when I arrive home with this tank, am I better off holding onto it in the corner in the basement ready to be moved into a new place in the near, or setting it up and enjoying it for the time being (would be a little cramp in my room but very nice) and going through the grueling process of a move with an active large tank and stressing out my Oscar + 2 tank mates. I really had my heart set on doing this, but my dad just talked some sense into me a bit and he isn't crazy that I went out and made this rash decision either. I need the most feedback from you guys. i know my future home will have a beautiful Tropical Aquarium as it was the most joyous hobby of mine as a kid. :dry: :dry: What do I do?

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OFL replied the topic: Set up tank now or later

I don't think you're going to find it very easy to keep the biological filter alive while you are in the process of moving. These bacteria need oxygen to survive. Therefore as soon as you turn the filtration system of they start dying. The bacteria within the biological filter will probably all be dead within a few hours of you switching the filter off.

I suppose it's really up to you. If you are moving in a few weeks, or maybe a couple of months time that I probably wouldn't bother going to all the trouble of setting the aquarium up. Remember that it will take approximately six weeks to cycle an aquarium properly. Then you got to add your fish slowly. It's probably going to be nine or 10 weeks before everything is completely settled down. So if you're going to move a few weeks after then you're just going to disrupt everything and upset the balance.

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DRACO replied the topic: Set up tank now or later

moving out anytime soon will just make things painful.
i suggest you wait until the new place is settled and do it as you wish!

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Set up tank now or later

Your move, your decision... however, know that bacteria can be preserved for many hours by keeping it submerged in original tank water. There is enough dissolved O2 in the water to keep it alive. With an aerator, overnight is even sustainable.

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