Cloudy water

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deanob06 created the topic: Cloudy water

I had read somewhere that pH should be at 7.0 and was having trouble bringing it down so I went out and got some API proper pH 7.0. 20 minutes later the tank was so cloudy could barely see through it. Read up some more and now I know that the pH that I had (about 7.5) was perfectly fine and that proper pH can cause temporary cloudy was if you have hard water in the aquarium. But I can barely see the fish unless they are within an inch or two of the glass and can't see the back of the tank at all.wondering if this will clear up overnight or if I need to do something about it asap.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Cloudy water

Is your tank fully cycled? Change 50% volume every 2 days until clear, and obviously dont use any more chemicals in the tank. Regarding what you read about Ph should be 7.... nonsense. First, it depends on what kind of fish you have. 7 is a neutral Ph generally suitable for softer water fish of South America. On the other end, Africans from Lake Tanganyika like a liquid rock water with Ph as high as 9.

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muddybear replied the topic: Cloudy water

Sounds like a bacterial bloom in an uncycled tank-the best advice has already been given-following on from that, if you can provide answers to the following questions people here will be best placed to help you with any further difficulties you may have.

1) What size is the tank and how long has it been set up?
2) Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle?
3) What filtration are you using?
3) What are your water parameters (numbers not simply fine/ok/normal)-Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ph are the most important
4) Water temperature?
5) What fish stock do you have? (all fish and sizes)
6) What are you feeding and how often?
7) Any other chemicals/additives that you have put in the water

Hope that all makes sense.

Good luck with your tank

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