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RDuB created the topic: Filtration?

well i have read for oscars with my 55 gal tank i should have a filter that pumps 550 gal per hour uis this correct right now i have a whisper 60 dual filter which is about 300 gal per hour i know i will need a new filter soon but i was wondering if i should go with a fluval canister? how hard is it to set up... but my buddy said i could get a really high power HOB filter with a bio-wheel. Can i keep my whisper filter for a while its working great and i only have a 3 1/2 in oscar and blood parrot

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Filtration?

Because you are using the absolute minimum tank recommended for one Oscar, you really need to using the best filtration you can possibly get on the tank. You mentioned Fluval, never used one myself, but I think a 404, 405 would suffice you perfectly. I would say it is probably a little more than double what you actually need for that tank (if you weren't keeping Oscars) I wouldn't go too mad with the filtration, I think that one fluval 405 would be perfectly okay for you. That's my humble opinion, I'm sure other people will give you some suggestions. Where you want to do, is go on the websites of these filters and have a look at the specifications. It wouldn't even her to have two filters running if you could. However, that's going down the realms of obsession I think :lol:

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Verse34K replied the topic: Re:Filtration?

:lol: I have extra filteration on ALL my tanks, not just my cichlid and oscar tanks...

Oscars are really messy fish, so you're gunna want quite a bit of filteration goin'

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:Filtration?

You cant over filter. If you get another filter it isnt going to do any harm to keep your HOB running. If you have no use for the hob elsewhere then run them both

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