2 Oscars in 40 gallon...moving to 125 gallon.

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Verse34K replied the topic: Re:2 Oscars in 40 gallon...moving to 125 gallon.

Like I said, it all depends on the specific temperament of the fish. I think your average yellow lab would be fine, I used to have one in my African tank. Note that you will have to make sure they ph is 7.5 - 8.5 and they're are no plants. Add some rocks if you don't have any already for them, too. Personally, I'm not as fond of yellow labs as I am of Jack Dempseys and Texas cichlids, (and oscars or course) and in a 125 gallon tank a Jack Dempsey or a Texas would be fine. The yellow labs I used to have were rescue fish, so I'm not a hyporcrit;)

But whatever you like. By the way, what kind of filter do you have? Whisper? Eheim?

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