Setting up new tank with tank mates

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nascar created the topic: Setting up new tank with tank mates

Hello, I am new to owning an Oscar, in fact I am just getting ready to purchase my new 75 gallon acrylic tank and all of the extras to get ready for my new Oscar. I was wondering about tank mates and the number for my size tank. I was looking at adding the following to my tank along with my baby Tiger Oscar and I would like to know your thoughts, since this is my first experience with this. I was looking at having one African Featherfin Catfish, two Bristlenose Pleco's, and four Silver Dollars. Does this sound like a good combination for my size tank and could I possible add an additional fish or two? If so does anyone have any recomendations? Thanks for you time and I look forward to talking with everyone.

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Verse34K replied the topic: Re:Setting up new tank with tank mates

First off, this is the wrong section. It should of been posted int he oscar tank-mates section. But I'm sure an admin will move it soon. But I'll ignore that for now and get to the point-

Be wary of what kind of silver dollar you purchase. Some can reach nearly a foot in length, such as black bars while others remain a mere 2 inches. Red hooks would be a good one, as they only grow to about 6 inches. Bristlenose plecos are great, but make sure they're males, as females may be killed. You may also want to get them big, so your oscar doesn't outgrow them and eat them. I don't know much about featherfins, never kept them. But I do know they need a fairly high ph of around 7.5 or higher.

Good Luck with it,

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