how to move my oscar

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whosgotcaptain created the topic: how to move my oscar

im in the process of moving and i wanted to know if it was possible to move my oscar with. i have been reading your forums and they all talk about moving less then an hour away from where they used to live. i have moved 2-2 and a half hours from my previouse home. right now my mom is looking after my oscar, untill i can get everything set up at the new house. but im afraid that that may be to long of a period of time for him to be out of a tank. is this possible to move him or is it impossible. my oscar is about 5 in long. i would appreciate any input you have on my situation. and anything that would make it more easy.

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:how to move my oscar

The are 2 major problems with moving to a place that takes a long time to get to

1. The oscar and the water he is transported in will cool down too much

2. The good bacteria in your filter will start to dye off. I have been told that if your filter is off for 4 hours all the bacteria will be dead

A local fish shop near me has a sign up saying that if you are taking a fish far to mention it to them, so it is possible. Try talking to your local shops. I personally would buy a large polystyrene box with a lid and once it is filled with water and your fish tape round it to seal it- i reckon this would do

As for keeping the bacteria in the filter alive this i am not sure of. They need oxygen to survive. If you could set up the filter somehow such that it is running then you will probably be alright. Some battery power maybe

Or just take the gamble and go for it. Remove all the decorations, lights, heaters first, then the fish , then filter-if you have a cannister filter leave it full of water,if you have an internal filter leave is submerged in a bucket of tank water. Empty the tank and move it. Put back in reverse. Test the water everyday for 3 or 4 days. If the ammonia or nitrites are not zero do a 50% water change. Do this every day until both ammonia and nitrite are zero. Good luck and let us know how you get on

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chanceenfate replied the topic: Re:how to move my oscar

thanks for that.. useful for me since I'l be swapping my male chicken with a 36 x 18 x 18 and a tiger oscar

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