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Margaret150 created the topic: Adding Gravel

I'll be getting my new 150 in 1-2 weeks. I can't decide nor find the gravel I really want. Will it be "OK" to add the gravel after I have cycled the tank and even possibly after I added the fish. Only asking to see how pressed for time I really am.

Can you change the color of the gravel in your tank without dismantling the entire thing if you want to change the it down the line in a few years?

Thank you!

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tiellover replied the topic: Re:Adding Gravel

Margaret, I'm kinda in the same boat as you are trying to figure out exactly what I want. Sand or gravel, what color?
I don't know, but would think that it would be pretty difficult to add the gravel after your tank is full of water.
Sorry if I missed it before, but why are you so pressed for time? I bet you'd take on the challenge of dismantling your tank if you were really sick of looking at the same set up after awhile, :) I know I would.

Melissa~ 24~ Indiana
75 gal. tank ~ One Oscar & One Green Severum

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Kenshin_Himura replied the topic: Re:Adding Gravel

It is possible to do both.

I added more gravel a couple months after I had the tank running. (silly of me, because less is easier to keep clean). I washed the gravel as you should always do ... let the gravel dry out well (to let most of the chlorine evaporate). I dropped the water level to a bit less than half, treated the water with conditioner and started filling the tank back up ... then took a large mixing bowl and put some of the gravel in it. I then gently poured the gravel in to make as little disturbance and noise as possible. Treating the water while doing that makes sure any chlorine/chloramine left over would be eliminated. I do have a Python, so I can refill it while doing other stuff. You don't necessarily have to do a water change ... gently submersing the bowl and lowering it will get the gravel down there without being messy.

When I removed gravel, I took a clean coffee mug and scooped it out and tossed it in my 5 gallon bucket. I did this over two water changes to get back to a thin layer of gravel and to be less bother to my O ... but you could essentially remove most of it in a similar way, then put more in as above, without having to tear the tank down.

Also, when I set up my Betta tank, I used a net to scoop out gravel into the bucket ... to have seeded gravel. It is quieter than the cup, but depending on the size of your net, could take longer. I only have a very small one.

Sand looks nice, but you have to make sure it doesn't get sucked into your filter and you have to poke at it regularly so it doesn't build up toxic gas pockets. Any debris stays on top for the most part, so I hear it is easier to clean once you get the hang of not sucking up the sand.

I also couldn't find the gravel I wanted. Of course, you could always do something a bit different. Using river rocks, large glass beads, or some other non-standard substrate. I once considered just putting something like a background or solid color on the bottom to make cleaning that much easier :P Never did it though. I have read elsewhere of someone using glass beads and putting a light underneath for a unique effect.

Your imagination is the limit, besides your time frame :)

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Vbaby replied the topic: Re:Adding Gravel

if i ever had to remove my substarte without hassling my O's i would take the vac of the front of the pipe and and suck it out i clean one of my 10g(guppy) tanks like this and always end up with with some of my substarte being vacuumed into the bucket.


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d8ncer replied the topic: Re:Adding Gravel

Just recently removed sand from tank and switched to 3mm river gravel.

Used my tank cleaner with hose and hoovered out the sand into a bucket. If the hoover clogs up just put your hand over the end and lift out and shake into bucket.

When I put my gravel back in I rinsed all the gravel in a collander and emptied into a large bucket ready for tank. Try and get the gravel as clean as possible with water running clear as dirty gravel will cloud your tank.

You can clean gravel in a plastic basin at an angle in the sink and you will see the dirty water getting better as you clean. Make sure whatever you use it has not been used for bleach or other cleaning products, as you do not want to contaminate your gravel or tank.

I emptied half my tank water and then used the collander to lower the gravel to the bottom and gently tip it out.

My 'O' went in the huff and sulked in the corner whilst doing this. My other fish didnt bother in the slightest.

Filled the tank back up and water and as expected was a little cloudy but cleaned up in an hour or so. Was back to normal by the next morning and my fish were happy as larry.

Raymond, 35, Fife, Scotland.

1 Tiger Oscar, 'Harry'

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