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gweisner created the topic: Shelter

How important is shelter (dark caves, ledges, places to hide) for oscars?. I'm setting up my tank (110) and am at the point of deciding "layout" (Plants, rocks, driftwood, etc.). The plants (plastic) are a given, but I want to properly consider what's best for the health of the fish rather than satisfying MY personal aesthetic preferences. If oscars (like most fish) require someplace to hide, is this true through all stages of life? Given the growth rate, life span and activity of these animals, am I right to assume that maintaining a complicated decorating scheme may be tough. Is simple better.? ie; some plants, sand and few large rocks. That is assuming ocsars don't need shelter the majority of their life. Can somebody with more experince give me a hand. Sorry for the many questions, but I think this is the time to get it right, before, not after , I purchase my pair of Tiger Reds.


PS I ran out and purchased some clay pots and now question whether their necessary !!!

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Shelter

I have had a few Oscars, and I have got seven babies at the moment and I have never known an Oscar hide in a cave. I'm not saying an Oscar wouldn't use a cave, I'm just saying I have never seen it. The best thing to do is make a nice cave when you are building up your tank, at least it's there.You will have to make it quite big though, remember your Oscar could reach 12 inches

I have seen Oscars hiding behind rocks, make sure there is enough space behind, I have known my Oscars to hide behind rocks quite a few times. In the wild, predators come out at night so fish will definitely find safe places to sleep. This would probably behind rocks and amongst plants.

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Joliet Jake replied the topic: Re:Shelter

I've got two Oscars, both about 3-4" long and have had them only a little more then a week. In their tank I have two Cichlid caves, manmade clay tubes open at both ends with a mid point opening at the side,, of about 2-1/2 to 3" diameter X about 7 to 8" long. I have seen one of the Oscars in particular use one of these caves several times as a retreat. It's not a permanent hang out but it is something he uses from time to time and I for one will build in more shelter into the new tank I am currently setting up. Of course, it will be hard to build something they won't eventually outgrow though. I guess when they get that big, large rocks to hide behind will suffice.

Larger clay pots turned onto their sides are a great cave as they are easily removed for cleaning around them and the edges are smooth so there is less chance for injuries.

Ken, 51, NJ-USA (2 Tiger Oscars)
Need to give away one healthy 1 year old Oscar if you know of anyone interested. See the adoption thread for photos. Thanks!

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