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Tropical Fish Medication and How to Use Them

I thought I would include a section on various medications that can be used on your Oscar and other tropical fish. Before you ever administer medication to whatever fish you may have, read the instructions very carefully. Some scaleless fish such as Clown loaches are very sensitive to certain medications and you could actually do more harm than good. Some medications can also have an effect on your biological system so you want to read carefully to make sure that you are not going to end up killing all the bacteria in your filters. So don't just pile in, read very carefully first. Also, whenever possible, try and isolate the fish and then treat it. Some conditions such as white spot (or ick as it is sometimes referred to) can be highly contagious so quarantining of fish is very advisable. It is also a lot cheaper to treat the fish in a small tank than it is in a very large tank. However, not all of us have a fully cycled quarantine tank standing by so in many cases, you have to treat the fish where it is.

I think it's worth pointing out that any off-the-shelf medication is not guaranteed to cure your fish. What you have got to remember is that when a fish becomes ill, they will require the same sort of attention as your pet dog would. When our non-aquatic pets become ill, a lot of us take them to the vet straight away, very few people do this with fish. If you go on any fish related website, at some stage you will read about somebody who has used every medication they can obtain and it still doesn't work. Well, unfortunately sometimes off-the-shelf medication is just not enough, antibiotics are needed and these can only be obtained from the vet in a lot of countries. Ask anybody who keeps expensive koi carp, they will tell you just how expensive medical bills can be.

I thought I would be fair and list three popular companies that manufacture aquatic medication around the world. I obtained this information from Charterhouse Aquatics where you can purchase all of these medications.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Melafix

Heals open wounds & abrasions, treats fin and tail rot, eye cloud, mouth fungus and promotes regrowth of damaged fin rays & tissue. Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolour water. Safe for reef aquariums and live plants. For use in fresh or salt water

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pimafix M,/p>

Treats fungal infections and both internal and external bacterial infections. Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolour water. Safe for reef aquariums and live plants. For use in fresh or salt water. PimaFix has been formulated to work in combination with MelaFix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.

Tetramedica Contraspot

ContraSpot provides an effective and safe control for all tropical fish showing signs of parasite infection, such as white spots, "flicking", cloudy eyes, rapid gill movements, clamped fins, and thickened mucus

Tetramedica Fungistop

FungiStop provides an effective control for fish showing signs of cotton wool like growths

Tetramedica General Tonic

General Tonic provides an effective control for fish showing signs of ragged fins, blood-streaked fins, wounds or abrasions, inflammation at the base of the fins, raised scales and protruding eyes

Waterlife Cuprazin

Whitespot, Oodinium, Benedenia, Trichodina and fungal infections are amongst the fastest killing organisms and therefore, once recognised should be treated immediately. With this in mind, you are advised, when unsure of an ailment's diagnostic background to automatically use CUPRAZIN as directed. CUPRAZIN'S formula is designed to be low stress-inducing, gradually increasing the concentration to effective levels. Once this level is achieved addition of the product may be stopped

Waterlife Myxazin

MYXAZIN lowers the count of harmful bacteria in aquarium water, treating Fin Rot, Body Rot, Ulcers, Sores and other bacterial infections. MYXAZIN will also help to control Pop - Eye Disease, Cloudy Eyes and Mouth Fungus. MYXAZIN should be used daily until symptoms disappear (typically this would be between 3 and 5 applications). MYXAZIN can also be used to sterilise nets and live foods such as Daphnia and Tubifex, for treating Whitespot in seawater aquaria containing invertebrates. MYXAZIN is mild on fish, highly biodegradable and effective against a wide range of fish health problems

Waterlife Protozin

PROTOZIN is used for the control of all protozoan and fungal infections e.g Whitespot, Fungus, Neon Tetra Disease, Velvet, Costiasis and Trichodiniasis. You will require 4 separate applications to complete the course of treatment. By adding the treatment on days 1, 2 and 3 the product safely compounds in strength and does not burden the already stressed animals with a hard hitting formula. The final dose on day 6 is a preventative measure to try and ensure the organism does not re-occur. PROTOZIN's properties are highly effective at treating all its target organisms. Protozin is our best selling disease treatment world wide

Waterlife Sterazin

STERAZIN is used or the control of gill and body parasites which cause fish to flick when no symptoms are visible to the unaided eye. STERAZIN will also aid the control of internal parasites such as Round Worm, Thread Worm, and Intestinal Worm. In order to destroy the parasites in all stages of their life cycle you will need to use the product on days 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10. STERAZIN may also be used to aid the sterilisation of aquatic plants and is highly biodegradable.

Maracyn 2

Fast dissolving minocycline powder and quick acting antibiotic treatment of gram negative bacterial infections. Recommended for the treatment of Popeye, gill disease, fin and tail rot, dropsy, septicemia, secondary and internal infections. For freshwater use two packets per 10 gallons the first day and one packet per 10 gallons for an additional four days. For saltwater use one packet per 20 gallons the first day and one packet per 10 gallons for an additional 4 days

General Cure™ Powder

General Cure Anti-Parasitic Fish Medication treats a wide variety of parasitic diseases including velvet, anchor worm, fish lice, hole-in-the-head disease (Hexamita spp. & Spironucleus spp.), gill & skin flukes (Dactylogyrus spp. & Gyrodactylus spp.). For use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This medication will not color the aquarium water. Contains 10 powder packets. Use 1 packet per 10 gallons of water.

Hikari Bio-Bandage - treatment for injuries and disease in fish

Bio-Bandage? is the first in a line of revolutionary treatments to help your pond, freshwater or marine fishes recover from injuries or disease conditions without negatively impacting their health or environment. Utilizing a proprietary vitamin-based polymer we can offer longer contact time and more rapid repair than any other neomycin based treatment on the market today. Ask for the best, ask for Bio-Bandage?!

Seachem NeoPlex NeoPlex™ is a broad spectrum antibiotic effective against most external infections of both marine and freshwater fish. Used as directed, NeoPlex™ will not discolor the water or damage the filter bed. It is well tolerated by invertebrates, although delicate species may be stressed. For use in freshwater or marine aquaria.

The Original Carp Care Antiseptic

Klin-ik carp and fish antiseptic bacteria treatmentUnless you are an angler you will probably not have come across a product called before. However, if you can get hold of it then it's certainly worth having as it seems to work very well when fish develop sores and legions that may be infected with bacteria

Totally safe approved laboratory formulated antiseptic for carp and all coarse fish. Gives your catch a flying start to recovery. One-shot treatment following hook removal will sterilize the immediate area of the hook-hold preventing secondary infection from setting in.

Application of Klin-ik guarantees to speed up the natural healing process. Active bactericides help to heal all open wounds, mouth damage, post spawning lesions and where recent scale loss is evident.

Each bottle contains enough solution to treat well over 300 fish. Essential for today’s caring angler. Used by tens of thousands, fisheries and Koi centres.

You can buy this product from many shops in the UK, this particular shop seems to sell it at a very reasonable price


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