Eheim 2213: my opinion

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Goranothos created the topic: Eheim 2213: my opinion

I have owned two of these. The first one was about ten years ago, and the second one I installed a few months ago.

The 2213 is the smallest of Eheim's line of "classic" canister filters. The classic line has been around, as you might have guessed, for many years.

The biggest selling points of the classic line is that they are fairly inexpensive in comparison to other canister filters and they have the advantage that the tank water comes in the bottom and goes out the top, thus insuring that the water has the best chance of passing through the filter media before being expelled back into the tank.

Unlike my first 2213, my new one came with a media basket that basically fills the entire filter well. My old 2213, and as far as I know, all of the larger classic Eheim series do not come with a media basket.

The media basket is mostly crap, IMO. I could not get the top off of it without breaking it. It just seems like a cheap way to try to compete with other, more expensive canister filters that employ media baskets in the correct way. Unfortunately, if you decide to do away with the media basket of the 2213, you are left with the fact that eheim no longer manufactures the round filter pads that fit inside the filter well without the media basket.

See this article:

What I wound up doing was keeping the media basket, sans top that I broke off trying to unscrew it, and using one of the lattice screens referenced in the above article as the top portion in the filter well that keeps the media from clogging up the impeller.

Another negative is that my newest 2213 did not come with enough tubing. I had to go to my local Lowes and purchase about four feet of additional (not quite correct, given Metric VS English) tubing to make it work.

Complicated? Yes it is.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with what I finally wound up with, which was a low flow canister filter that I will only be using for Chemi Pure Elite, and a bit of mechanical filtration.

If I had it to do over, I would have just purchased a Rena XP2 or XP3 instead.

For what it's worth, I like the Eheim supplied shut off valves. They work very well.

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