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oscardelahoya created the topic: WHARF AQUATICS U.K

So i took a trip to the best lfs in the uk as voted by practical fishkeeping magazine readers,this shop has won this and many other similar awards in the last few years.....here is my experiance (forgive grammer/spelling etc)

upon arriving in a small village (pinxton nottinghamshire)i started to worry that i was maybe coming to a very small but knowledgeable store how wrong was i from the front the store looks small but look to the sides and you will notice 2 storey high outbuildings you enter through what you would call the dry shop i.e filters foods lights decorations etc then out into the pond yard (sorry not much info was desperate to get to the tropical room) then into the outbuildings
very clean building then left into the first part of the tropical room WOW a large (8ft + square) display tank with turtles/plecs/lungfish and loads of other large fish,turn around and WOW again the Ray tanks (gorgeous creatures) and where i say my first purchase of my visit (lima shovelnose catfish 10" £36)
the 3 staff who are in this section are fish keepers not just shopworkers! who could answer all my questions regarding the shovelnose,then through the door into the main tropical room ABSOLUTELEY STUNNING 250+ tanks of various size housing every kind of fish you could want (O's were very well represented with lut's and wild caught tigers and the cute newborns (damn those googly eyes)everything from cats to eel's to well just about all tastes catered for and this is where we found our next purchase a large red hook pacu (3" round £25) they also have a amazing amount of plec's of both common and specimen types once again the tropical staff could not do enough to help

after the excitment of the purchases it was time to go upstairs to the reptile dept as this is where the coffee machine lives (bought for us by one of the tropical lads thank you) it's really clean and cool up there and the reptiles were all good healthy specimens

so with time running out it was time to hit the marine tanks (i dont keep them but love to browse) what a fantastic room the marine staff were re-stocking but even tho i said i did not keep salties they made time to explain all i could ask

and finally into the cold/koi room once again a amazing room with fat/healthy fish once again my knowledge is limited but they looked happy fish

one thing to note in all the tanks we looked in we did not see 1 dead fish amazing

So all in all well worth a visit but if you cannot check out their website

oh we are going back tomorrow to buy another pacu as "manny" looks lonley ;)

have been back today to buy manny's friend and a gorgeous fire eel :woohoo:



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Nickisue replied the topic: Re: WHARF AQUATICS U.K

That is wonderful, We need a store like that here...

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