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d8ncer created the topic: TetraTec 1200

Just a small post on my new TetraTec 1200 filter that I purchased.

My current juwel 260 vision tank was fitted out with its own manufacturer supplied internal filter. Many people have stated that this standard filter is not very good and should be removed. However it has done very well but as my oscar has grown I felt it was time to search for an external canister type to take the load off it.

Looking at forums and reviews most people were recommending Eheim and Fluval, both with there pros and cons. Mostly the cost issue of purchasing a Eheim and reliability issues with the Fluvals. As I dont own either I cant really comment.

However found a few forums raving about the TetraTec range and thought I would give one a go.

The model I purchased was the 1200 and is rated as it says for 1200Lph and is also not to large, so fits under my cabinet easily.

The set up was very quick and easy with very good and clear instructions. The thing I liked best was when I was looking for a filter was the colour of the inlet and outlet hoses. The Eheim has garish green pipework that sticks out a mile. The Fluval has black ribbed hose that is meant to be a nightmare to keep clean.

The TeraTec hose is all clear and smooth with a slight smoke tint to it. It is barely noticable and is far more discrete once inside your tank.

The Tera also comes with 4 filter media trays and all the media is included as part of the kit. The trays have handles for easy removal and all click together nicely.

Priming of the canister is known to be a problem on some models, but with this it was very easy. Opened the supply and return vales. Canister filled with water. pressed the priming button twice and that was it, system up and running in about 5 seconds.

The pump is near silent. I have to put my ear to it inside the cabinet to hear it running.

This unit is so good I went and bought another so I now have two in my tank. Replacement media prices are also very good. The trays in the canister could take more media than is supplied if you require as they are very deep.

The best bit is the cost as it can be found for under £60 including UK VAT. However dont let the cheap price put you off, (I was a bit concerned with this), but this is a very well made piece of kit with fantastic filatration performance as my tank is always crystal clear.

This link goes to a the cheapest price I could find for the filter. please note I am in no way linked or affiliated to the website and you may find it cheaper somewere else.It is juust to show how cheap you can get this kit for.


If anybody else has this filter or smaller version I would like to hear what you think about it and any problems.However for price and build quality, clear pipework and ease of setup, I feel it blows the more expensive options right out of the water.

Below is Tetra Info.

The new modern Tetratec® EX External Filters are available in three different sizes for aquaria ranging from 60 to 500 litres. All External Filters are delivered with the necessary filter media, tubes and connections. Being equipped with a filter starting button, it is no longer necessary to apply suction to the aquarium water when putting the filter into operation. The easy-start technique automatically fills the filter with water. Furthermore, thanks to their ingenious construction, all Tetratec® EX External Filters are not only extremely easy to maintain, but are also quiet and powerful.

In their tested combination, the filter media, specially been developed for Tetratec® EX External Filters, ensure optimum filtering of the aquarium water: The lower filter chamber contains ceramic filter rings that reliably remove large particles. The chamber above contains bio-filter balls with a macro-surface to ensure highly active biological filtering. Biological filter foam in the third chamber, as well as in the lower and upper chamber, reliably removes medium-sized particles. The properties of Tetratec® BF Biological Filter Foam is excellently suited to biological filtering. In the upper chamber, between the biological filter sponges and a fine filter floss pad, is a Tetratec® CF Carbon Filter Medium for the safe removal of even the finest particles. This medium removes harmful organic substances, also reducing odours and water discoloration.

All filter chambers are equipped with a handle, making removal simple. The handle enables users to easily transport the filter from the aquarium to the sink for cleaning purposes. The snap valves on the rotatable connecting valves suspend the water flow during the cleaning of the filter. Furthermore, all tube connections can remain connected, due to the ability to remove the filter head, making cleaning an uncomplicated process.

The new, powerful Tetratec® EX Aquarium External Filters are available in sizes EX 600 for aquaria containing 60 to 120 litres, EX 700 for aquaria containing 100 to 250 litres and EX 1200 for aquaria containing 200 to 500 litres of water.

Replacements are also taken care of – all filter media are obtainable individually as spare parts.

Raymond, 35, Fife, Scotland.

1 Tiger Oscar, 'Harry'

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OFL replied the topic: Re:TetraTec 1200

Looks like a pretty good filter, and a very good review

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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