to much light??

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funnyjew2 created the topic: to much light??

I moved my Betta to a 5.5 gallon tank and added as many plants as I could fit. 2 amazon plants some Bronze Crypts & green Cryps, a small piece of water sprite that I planted and 2 pieces of anubias. I bought a 65000K 13W CFL light and hooked it up on my clip on desk lamp. Is that too much light? I keep it on for 8 hours a day and dose Excel 4 days a week(0.5ml), Comprehensive 1x a week(0.5ml) and Seachems new line of Aquavitro Activiate which is for Phosphorous/Potassium. I only add a drop 2 days a week.

any thoughts?

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Nina_W replied the topic: Re: to much light??

I honestly can't say, but it sounds ok. I have 12 watts over a 7 gallon that's on for 12 hours, and that is plenty and then some - I have a one algae patch (but the shrimps and the guppy loves that algae patch, so it's ok).

Any hope for a picture? :D

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