Fake/artificial plants

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OFL created the topic: Fake/artificial plants

Most people who keep Oscars for any period of time will know that putting plans in your tank can be futile sometimes. However, there are now some quite realistic looking artificial plants on the market. I recently bought some plastic Amazons swords that don't look too bad. I haven't put them in the tank yet, I will reserve proper judgement until that time comes. I have been looking for some some other artificial plants that resemble South American plants. Some of the silk ones are quite good, I can imagine they move quite well in the water. If you do any good links, why not put them on here for everybody to see

Here is a link to Plymouth discus , where I got my plants from


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delboybully replied the topic: Re:Fake/artificial plants

I have some silk plants in my discus tank. They dont seem to age well. The plastic plants are as good as new but the silk ones are deteriorating on the edge on the leaves

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Griller replied the topic: Re:Fake/artificial plants

The plants need to be solid too, otherwise the unnamed vandals will ruin your hard work :)

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JeepGuy replied the topic: Re:Fake/artificial plants

I use to only use real plants.. but after the timely maintanence and cleaning out my filter all the time I switched to artificial type plants.. I have not been more happy.. I have hair grass and Amazon swords and another that I can't remember and they look very life like. props to the person who made these plants.

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aquaticlean replied the topic: Re:Fake/artificial plants

when i first setup my 180g i added a dozen very large real amazon swords,they were in there for two weeks before i added my oscars so the roots could get a good hold which they did. the oscars left them alone which i was greatful for, but all that went to pot when i got my severum. hes a bugger! two days later there was bits of swords floating around the tank,so ive gone for the no plants but bog wood and large cobbles theme.

ive got silk in my frontosa tank as one loves to hide in it but your right it dont age very well, maybe ill have to try plastic.

i prob could get away with real in the front tank but never had luck with real plants in sand

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