Anyone got ADF's?

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tiellover created the topic: Anyone got ADF's?

Just wondering if anyone has any african dwarf frogs? I started looking into them, but can't find too much info out there. They are totaly aquatic frogs. I went and purchased a 20 gallon tank for them tonight. I have to get it set up and cycled before I can add the frogs, but am looking for any info on caring for them, setting up the perfect tank, food, etc. I don't want to just go by what the pet store reccomends. As we all know they don't always give the best advice.


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MetalHead88 replied the topic: Re:Anyone got ADF's?

hey, i never had any, planned on it but i decided they would probally not live because i was planning on putting them in the small-fin nipper sort of fish tank. so i looked into them a bit. they dont need a filter or heater witch is pretty cool. a 20 gallon is actually a huuuuge tank for them so id put some small community tankmates in there. heres a link i think it touches on about everything. they are undemanding and easy to care for. the site says you can feed them bloodworms but they also eat pellets. so id get a small catfish to eat what they miss.

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