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brian 1 replied the topic: Re: Tattoos?

sharyn wrote: First Tat was an ankh on my wrist

Second Tat, my kids names (in case I forget them...I have 5 and they wear me out) It is a bit distorted - very hard to photograph your arm!

They rub it with tattoo goo every night to keep it beautiful!

they are nice but they told me not to use that they said use lottion

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Miss Nicki replied the topic: Re: Tattoos?

Very Nice Shaz!

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Gazza replied the topic: Re: Tattoos?

Well and truly over rated what was cool years ago is Olde school now

Don't get me wrong I have 4 tatts and thought of more but as I get older I ask my self why I see young girls @ work with full sleeves done Back jobs etc etc what your partner need something to read or look @ WHEN BEHIND YOU LMAO


ps a good mate of mine is a tattoo artist so I get to see what these younguns are getting :pinch:

The purpose of life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave with a well-preserved body, but rather to Slide in Sideways, completely used up, yelling and screaming, what a ride!

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sharyn replied the topic: Re: Tattoos?

Miss Nicki wrote: Very Nice Shaz!

Thanks Nicki but not as raunchy as your tit-tats! Those are deadly!

And thanks Brian - everyone has an idea of what to put on them and what not to put on them so I am really confused!!! I figure some moisture product is better than none at all so I went for tattoo goo! But it does also get standard moisturiser because I get the kids to rub my back sometimes and they pay careful attention to the tatts - it is one job they take seriously..maybe cause their names are there..

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