Oscar is getting beaten up

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Tinkerspell created the topic: Oscar is getting beaten up

I have 2 tiger Oscars that I bought at the same time and were the same size. But one has grown a lot more than the other one. Big one is about 4inchs and the small one is about 2inches. and now the bigger one is chasing and nipping the little ones fins. They are in a 125gal. All levels are perfect. I just picked up a 55gal to keep the small one in. The 55gal is cleaned, filled, water temps 78.5F. And pump has been running little over 24 hrs. We have 6 feeder minnows in a floating box I was gonna put in the new tank and put one of the sponge filters from the existing tank in the new tanks filter today.

How long does the new tank need to sit before I can put the little Oscar in his new home?

There is currently a tank divider in the 125gal but the big one keeps ramming into it and knocking it over.

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OFL replied the topic: Oscar is getting beaten up

Welcome to our little community.

Okay, it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to cycle a tank to the extent that it may be to keep fish safely. However, you can reduce that time slightly if you add existing biological media from a filter that is already established. So what you could do is take some of the media from the tank that has been running and put it in your new filter. However, it will still take a few weeks before it's fully cycled. What you could do is use the smaller minnows as a source for ammonia in the 55-gallon aquarium. You cannot cycle an aquarium without having food for the bacteria which is ammonia.

Keep the divider in the 125 gallon aquariums so that you can separate the two Oscars.

What you could do then is put the smaller Oscar in the 55 gallon aquarium and let it grow into an adult. Then, you could try introducing the two Oscars back with each other at a much later date and see if they get on. I suppose all the patterns of you want to aquariums and two Oscars. If the two Oscars are never going to get on and you want to keep them then you will need to keep the two aquariums.

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muddybear replied the topic: Oscar is getting beaten up

Best advice at this point would be to either find a way to make the divider stay up or get another divider that will stay up.

In the meantime begin to cycle your spare tank-it sounds as if you are going to need it.

Can't condone the use of fish as a source of ammonia, un-necessary cruelty IMO, especially when a fishless cycle is so easy and allows for ammonia levels to be increased/decreased accordingly.

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