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Trakea created the topic: Nothing is working! Please help!

I have owned oscar fish for a while so this is not my first but my oscar (Walnut) has started to lose his scales, fins are ripped/ripping, not eating much or even at all, gills have holes started on the outside and there is red that is starting to show up. He/she is about 5 inches long and is living in a 30 gallon tank. The tank is always cleaned well and everything on it is always on the mark (I want my fish to have a good life). He does have another oscar with him but Dino completely avoids Walnut since the scales and fins started to get bad. I thought it was a disease, fighting or something along those lines but Walnut was always the one picking fights and although Dino is slightly bigger than him Walnut is the boss of the tank (always has been) with the disease/infection area I have tried so many different things and tried to figure out what was wrong but nothing. I know oscars don't like a bunch of light is that what is wrong? Should I add more light for them or is there something I am missing?? Please help! I don't want him to suffer anymore and he looks like he is going to die at this rate! I will add a picture if it lets me. Also I am sorry about Dino he is super friendly so if someone comes over to the tank he is there ~ food or not.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Nothing is working! Please help!

Hello and welcome to OFL. I need to be quite blunt and to the point, please don't be offended. The ailing fish shows all signs of living in poor water and getting badly beaten. I see ammonia burn, hole in the head, injuries that are becoming infected. You cannot keep even a single Oscar in a 30g tank, 2 is obviously worse. They need to be separated immediately, each needs a tank of MINIMUM 55gals to itself. Water must be super clean for the sick fish to have any chance of healing. You cant keep or raise Oscars in the fashion that you currently are.

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