The 1st steps to take with sick fish.

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marcus created the topic: The 1st steps to take with sick fish.

The fist steps you should take if your fish starts to look sick is as follow. Following these steps will help us help you quickly.

1, Test the water write the results down. Ammonia,nitrite,nitrate,PH,temp. you must test for all. so a full test kit from a fish store is a must.

2, Take a good look at the fish and try to work out what the problem is. look for heavy breathing, cuts, marks, colour change, parasite (these may be very small less than 1mm in size so look very carefully).

3, if you are still worried post and ask for advice. give good clear descriptions in your post subject. IE sick fish "white spot" or what ever the problem is.

4, In writing your post give the water test results in full. "OK" means little. we need those results in full. IE nitrates 20 pph etc. give your tank size, filter size, type and output if known.

5,Tell us how long the tank has been setup. days wks or months?

6, give the number, size, and fish you have in the tank.

7, if you think a picture will show more than you can explain then post a picture. Usually a picture can solve a lot more than words if the sick fish is showing some signs. IE cuts, marks, colour, slime, parasites.

8, while waiting for a reply its recommended you carry out a 30% water change.


Do not treat the tank if you are not sure of the problem. What you have in the draw may not be what the fish needs so hold off treatment until advice is give. if you treat for the wrong problem you may delay the right treatment. Some treatments can't be used while another medication is in use. if a fish has breathing problems the wrong medication may make things worst than they are.

Remember members are trying to help and have a lots of knowledge but are not fully trained and don't usually have a full clear picture of the problem. they are working on what YOU tell them. If in doubt wait for a more advice. Or seek a vet.

I know there is already a post almost the same but people are not reading before posting.

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