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mikejcpt created the topic: HITH

I've had my 8 or 9 inch oscar (conveniently named Oscar) for 1 year now. I got him before I knew that my 29 US gal aquarium is nowhere near big enough for him.

His picture:

I believe he now has HITH. So far treatment has been:
  1. adding Aquarium Pharmacuticals (API) Aquarium salt to the tank
  2. adding a Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel 350 (just today, don't expect it to start really helping until the bacteria get estabished), left out the mechanical/chemical filters so no carbon
  3. 50% water change (15 gal)
  4. Adding nitraban
  5. Stress Coat
  6. API mineral pyramid
  7. API general cure

Post maint. test results: (with API 5-in-one test strips)
General hardness: 180
Carbonate hardness: 80
pH: 7.0 (I used deionized water, no chlorine (or anything else for that matter) in it.
Nitrite: .5 ppm
Nitrate: Between 40-80 ppm (looked to be about half way between the two, guessing at about 60 ppm, was off the scale > 200 ppm before the water change/nitraban)
The test strips didn't have a specific reading for ammonia.

Aquarium setup:

29 gal. Perfecto with matching stand
Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter with micron filter, floss sleeve for mechanical
big air pump (hidden under the aquarium rated at about 1/4 HP)
Bio-Wheel 350
florescent light (removed, it died a couple of weeks ago), will have to wait until after payday to replace it)
bubble wand
undergravel filter, airstone on one side, Marineland powerhead on the other side) (yep, almost everything is from one Marineland company or another)
I don't keep any fake plants in there as they just get ripped out right away.
2 rocks with holes that the oscar used to love swimming through, but he grew...
No heater as our the water is usually 78 - 80 deg. F without it.

I'll be upgrading to at least a 55 gal aquarium, but I won't be given it for a couple of months and will then have to cycle it.

I normally feed him Hikari Ciclid Gold, but also gave him some shrimp pellets today.

Tank mate: 1 placo (Don't know the specific variety, I had him from a previous aquarium, but he is now about 7" long.

I'll probably do another big water change on either Thursday or Friday.

I was thinking of getting some Marineland White Diamond ammonia neutralizing crystals to put down the center of the micron cartridge in a media bag, but didn't know how that would interact with the Bio-Wheel once it gets going. Besides, I ran out of money to spend until after payday (Wednesday) and he already cost me about $100 today.

Michael Johnson, West Lafayette, IN

29 US G aquarium: (yeah, I know... too small)
Oscar (a tiger oscar)
my placo (who has no name)

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OFL replied the topic: Re:HITH

Well your Oscar has definitely got a mild case of hole in the head disease. I would definitely put this down to poor water conditions. At the moment your water conditions are not very good so there's not a lot of point in medicating tank until you got that sorted out. I think you should be carrying out a water change every day, around 20%. You should also think about getting rid of any other fish if you have any chance of getting on top of this disease. I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with your filtration system, they are not sold over here in the UK.

Get yourself some prime and use it until your nitrite levels zero. What is the ammonia? Your nitrate level is way too high at the moment. Ideally, you want to have a no higher than 10 ppm if possible. Have a look at some sort of medications they do for hole in the head disease. I believe they do some called jungle medication over there, this is apparently quite good. Again, I don't think we can get it over here in the UK.

It's good that you are thinking about a new tank, that can't come quick enough at the moment.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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metoo replied the topic: Re:HITH

Besides that, I'm just wondering if using deionized water could lead to a lack of whatever minerals or so beside the good effects? No real idea though, just another thought.
Definitely agreeing with what has been said already, nitrite should also be zero.

If I were a guy, I\'d have probably needed only 30% of the amount of words to say this

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