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Update Noddy's Oscars Pics&Vid 08-2013

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Noddy replied the topic: Update Noddy's Oscars Pics&Vid 08-2013

Thanx for the compliments on the tank, nothing much changes, for I like it the way it is.
Glad you liked the new footage.
Firstly i noticed that the O's didn't go into "begging-mode" when I got near the tank.
And they do follow my every move usually, now I get chased away.
Last batch was laid on the steep background and weren't fertilized.
I still hope my pair will become a couple.
Tmes are quiet atm, so I will be ready, when things would work out good. :) I got some tanks at hand...

I was thinking of placing a piece of slate from the left side close to their rock.
Would that be smart or will i disturb their attention?

btw Yasser, I NEVER f rget you and think a lot of you, even when you or I are not around!
Fam is fine. Hope things are quiet over there too!
Peace, bro! ;)

Rock and streetsmart : I'll get some feedingvid soon for ya! I'm shooting vids like crazy!

Gorgoroth: Did you go to the adress for big fish i gave you?
Did you get a Gar? :) Just curious, even if you only went there.

Tehmole: Thnx, epoxiresin and styrofoam is the bomb, esp with rasping pleco's. :pinch:

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gorgoroth replied the topic: Update Noddy's Oscars Pics&Vid 08-2013

noddy, i haven't been able to go as we've ran into some problems with the house, leaking roof etc... so haven't had the budget to spend on those fish. i was planning on driving over to you and then going there until i noticed that it is a 200km trip to get there.

160 gallon south american
190 gallon malawi

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