A question about Google for you computer geeks

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OFL created the topic: A question about Google for you computer geeks

Okay, here is something for you Internet gurus, unless you are familiar with website design then this probably will just go over your head.

The software I use to put my websites together is called Joomla!, basically that's all you really need to know. Now some of you will have probably heard of "search engine friendly URLs". If you're using PHP then sometimes URLs don't really mean anything, using a friendly URL brings a meaning to your webpages. Now when I initially put the website together, the website is using "non-search engine friendly URLs". I have to make some adjustments to display URLs that means something. The easiest way to show the difference between a "non-friendly" and a "friendly" URL is to list both for you to see.

This is a non-friendly URL


You can see that after the initial URL, none of it really make sense

This is a friendly URL which points to the same page as above


You can see that this makes sense. , These two URLs point to the same page. However, the top one is what I find when searching on one computer, the one underneath is what I find when searching on a different computer.

Now I've gone all around the houses I will get to the point of what this thread is all about. When I search for this page on Google, it is listing the page perfectly okay, but it is listing the page with a non-friendly URL. However, I just checked on another computer and it lists the page with a friendly URL. I just can't understand what's going on. I know that it's probably got something to do with Google, they use different databases and I think I'm right in saying that you may not necessarily access the same database from another computer, even if it's in the same house, so search findings may be completely different. I know that a lot of search engines do make a note of what you search for which can be very annoying because sometimes I think that one of my websites is listing highly when I search for it, however nobody else can find it when they look for it. Google do things and are very weird way, is quite difficult to get your head around it.

Just wondered what your thoughts are on this.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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yaserloz replied the topic: Re: A question about Google for you computer geeks

hi penn

even if google have different databases but its save one result for your site

ok if u try to delete your browser history and cookies its happening to me all time when save old version of a page

Q penn did u used htaccess. file to transform your url or its built in function in joomla

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