Bloody Firefox

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OFL created the topic: Bloody Firefox

I have just switched over to Firefox in order to carry out some testing on another website. I came here just couldn't believe the amount of advertising that now comes with it. I got boxes popping up here there and everywhere. There's even advertising connected to certain words on the forum now. I suppose there is a way of switching it off, but it wasn't this bad the last time I use Firefox. I suppose this is going to be the future of the Internet, we're going to have to put up with more and more advertising that is forced upon us without I will. I know that we have some Google AdSense on this website, but I've tried to make it as less intrusive as possible.

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mishka replied the topic: Bloody Firefox

Really how funny! I have always used Google Chrome and never had advertising or pop up issues until I got a computer, which also got BSoD on the first day so I was convinced it had a root kit so I just returned it for another and had the same problem with google chrome but no BSoD.. so I downloaded firefox which I haven't used in YEARS and I haven't had a single pop up or advertisement since I have had it and it is pretty fast. I also do have Kaspersky and I downloaded add ons to get rid of pop ups and what not. Maybe every computer is different? I'm not really sure why this one can't handle getting rid of Google Chrome advertisements but in the past others have.

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