Due some anti virus (what to buy)

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kolik0584 replied the topic: Re: Due some anti virus (what to buy)

If your running a legitimate version of windows i really suggest Microsoft Security Essentials. Its free from Microsoft, lightweight, but works extremely well. I've been using it well over a year, and have had my parents machine on it for about the same time. It works extremely well. It's even used by my instructors at school. I highly recommend it.

Also Norton and Mcafee have to be 2 of the most system intensive and invasive AV's out there. Both of them dig into your registry and sit there so even if you remove the AV from your system its still there and your machine will be using CPU cycles on the invalid registry entry's eating up your CPU power. The only way to get rid of them are to format and reinstall or manually remove them (please don't do this unless you know what your doing with the registry).

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funnyjew2 replied the topic: Re:Due some anti virus (what to buy)

Get Norton..you can DL for free if you have Comcast I used to have Mcaphee it sucked!!! kept getting viruse it would pick up nothing. Norton is the way to go

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