Not allowed to link video?

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trev replied the topic: Re:Not allowed to link video?


I've had such a bad day today... just sat down and read your post... picturing an O reacting to a brainfreeze put a grin on my face. Thanks mate :)

More seriously though, I have never defrosted bloodworm with any fish I've kept.

When you asked about markings do you mean a pattern like a tiger oscar? He has grey/black edged fins and some red in him (not that strong though)... but no markings which stand out.


Thanks! I rather think that myself. Not very blokey of me to admit that though...


Yes, you and Paul are both right. No sand in the filter yet (popped it open for a good look) but it will happen. I'll readjust it. Thanks for the heads-up.


The other fish with it we call an Electric Yellow here. I inherited it with the tank with some tetras and a tiger barb. It's the only fish the oscar didn't pursue as a feeder fish (they went to a new home before being eaten).

Glad you like the O... very sentimental towards that fish for some personal reasons. He also has a slightly malformed ventral fin... which started off floppy, curled pig-tailed style, then kinked into what it is at the moment. Nearly a Nemo 'lucky' fin. Doesn't appear to effect his swimming in any way. He has 4 names (depending on the member of family), is spoilt, circles & bites my hand everytime I clean the tank of his poo, beats up tank ornaments and life support, and I wouldn't change a thing about him.. B)

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