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jnet replied the topic: Re: Video sharing

the thing is if you dedicate a whole channel to this its kind of crediting the people who have treated their fish badly; I like the idea of making a point and to be honest if it makes people think twice great but like what Nicki says thats alot of work. Also do the original uploaders have rights here and would you get into trouble for uploading their vids just to ridicule; I guess it comes under fair use.

But the idea of an OLF youtube account is a great idea it would link all our vids together and we could have folders that are good setups and then bad setups and poor treatment.

I think having a space dedicated on this site would work well also as Im forever posting bad or disturbing youtube links on here maybe we do need an exclusive section for these links.

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OFL replied the topic: Re: Video sharing

Yes, we decided that creating another channel on YouTube would probably be more trouble than it's worth. However, please feel free to add some videos to the video sharing section, if you're not sure how to put a video on there than just yell and I will talk you through it.

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