A couple requests.

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Ohhz created the topic: A couple requests.

black,orangeoscar wrote:

Ohhz wrote: We should have something written in food and diet about how much to feed your oscar, what size pellets, and what size your oscar is. A lot of people overfeed, without knowing it. Maybe having this somewhere in the forum will stop as many peoples fish from being constipated?

we realy should have a new feeding article the one we have now is out of date

I seem to notice a lot of problems people are having with their fish concerning constipation, and I also agree that updating the feeding article may help people avoid this problem. At first I had no idea how much to feed my oscar, obviously I was over feeding, but now I have it under control after reading topic after topic and starting my own. I think we could avoid this problem if the feeding article was updated. So this would include the illness questionair, how to upload pictures, how to use the monthly photo contest, how to feed your fish, or Oscar fish, basically all these kinda things, but leave the illness questionair in the emergency section too.

Nina had asked me if I thought the illness questionair was overwhelming in any sort of way, the only thing I found complicated about it was finding it. I see a lot of people posting topics, and then people having to ask for more details.

So I think if there was a new group made for all these kinds of things, it would have a lot less topics about fish being constipated, and we wouldnt have to ask people to answer the questions ect. ect.

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JasonR replied the topic: Re: A couple requests.

I do agree that a pinned topic discussing proper feeding guidlines in the feeding section would be helpful. Proper feeding of oscars or any fish for that matter is actually a good bit more complicated than some of the general information you'll find out there. I think I'll start a discussion thread to figure out what all to include in the final pinned topic.
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