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btd71 created the topic: still interested

yeah yeah i know i'm a pain in the ass with it but i'm gonna ask again, how about a video of the month contest?! come on OFL i know you can fix it up. :lol:

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PAUL replied the topic: Re:still interested

i believe it is doable. we will just use the link not the video
itself to be posted in here... we understand video eats up a lot
of space of the website, thus, not practical to post them up here..
but link will do..... and OFL or admin should screen all the entries.

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Nicki--Sue replied the topic: Re:still interested

I honest think we can push this issue with enough interest,,, But we have a hard time getting entries for the photo contest. SO I guess if we put the work into that and no one is interested hwy do more????

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Noddy replied the topic: Re:still interested

And on the other hand, if i shoot a vid, it's usually posted on Youtube and shared with you guys immediatelly.
Who else is gonna watch my vids? :laugh:
Hanging on to a good picture i find hard enough.
Keeping a good video from you guys for a competition wouldt be agony...for me.
but Bdt, we never get bored by new good vids, even if there's no competion involved.
So if there's no contest ,just post away.
Anyways, if it's your own thread and vid, you allways win, imo! :laugh: :laugh:

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OFL replied the topic: Re:still interested

In theory I haven't got a problem with a monthly video contest. However consider the following:

Whoever is running the contest has got to both download the videos, and then upload them on to a file sharing server. Now if you bear in mind that a one-minute video is going to be well over 10 MB in size, that is a lot of work uploading them in the first place. At the moment, we normally get about 10 people entering the monthly photo contest and that normally takes about half an hour setting that up each month.

It's a good idea but will be a lot of work for the person running it

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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