What species is this?

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BlueNawaz created the topic: What species is this?

Hi guys i am unable to recognize this african cichlid i got yesterday. The LFS owner said it is a Zebra Hap or Johnson Hap but on searching the internet , i am unable to come to a conclusion. The closest species i found to this was Haplochromis latifasciatus. But those Cichlids have yellow and red coloration near the stomach and do not have the thick dark black stripes that my fish has. Can someone have a check on these pics and help me identify these species. I repeat i highly doubt if this is Haplochromis latifasciatus as my fish has ZERO yellow or red coloration anywhere. Its silver with thick black stripes more like bands.

Also i have a pair of cichlids which look like both Demasoni and Labidochromis sp. "Mbamba". One fish has bright dark blue coloration like demasoni but yellow lined fins the other is has black fins with faded dark blue coloration (im pretty sure this one is Mbamba).


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