Possible Oscar Epidemic?

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Brandon22 created the topic: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

First, I would like to mention that none of the deaths were something I could have prevented. My ammonia and nitrites remained 0ppm through the whole ordeal and my nitrates were never above 10ppm. Correct temperature, plenty of aeration, proper diet, etc..

A few months ago I was in the market for another oscar. I went to the first Petco, which I will call Petco A, and got a tiger oscar. They only had three, two smalls together and a medium in a tank above. They were not in the section that they usually are and weren't labeled. I brought it home and put it in it's 55. After about a month of happy, healthy oscar behavior, it started acting lethargic. A couple weeks of hugging the bottom and not eating, and I had a dead oscar. I figured I just drew the short straw and went to get another oscar. I checked out my lfs and saw one oscar which was dead and had a pleco munching on it. I left and went to the second Petco, Petco B. I saw that they had a much larger tank for their oscars and a wider variety. They all looked healthy and I picked out a nice lemon oscar. I brought it home and it acted fine for the rest of the night. I woke up to find it hovering near the top breathing heavily. It didn't respond to food. Later that night it was doing the same. The next day, the same. And finally on the third day, it was dead. I decided to get my money back at this point. When I went into Petco B, I saw the oscar tank looked a lot less densely populated and there were 4 or 5 dead ones. I got my money back and decided to get some other south american cichlid from my lfs.

The reason I think Petco A only had three and they were moved is because they were dying left and right. My lfs never seems to have oscars in stock very often, but when they do they don't usually kill them. And obviously there was something going on at Petco B. I was there about a week after I got my money back and there was writing on the tank "Fish not for sale, currently under observation". There were about 4 oscars remaining in the tank. I haven't been to the Petcos since and my lfs hasn't had any in stock when I've been there.

I'm curious as to what could have been causing these fish to suddenly die. They look just fine and then they start dying. Does anyone know what could be causing these oscars to die spontaneously?

PS: None of these fish had any visual indicators of illness or disease. They were all 1.5" to 2".

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cebosound replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

did you see any ich on the new fish?

sounds a little strange. :S ....

my guess is the new fish introduced some disease. sometimes it is not visable. ... but i get the feeling there is more to the story somewhere. maybe even something you don't realize.

sorry to hear you lost your fish.

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DRACO replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

sny idea about their size??? are they same sizes... asking that because
if they do, perhaps, they came from the same supplier/source.

so many thing can be considered:
1) quality of life at source;
2) shipping handlers;
3) stocking at pet shop....

i had one experienced in delivering live fish to the fine hotel,
all my merchandise were dead when we arrived at site... we did
not able to know why but it happen...

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Miss Nicki replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

I agree with Paul here.... They likely all came from the same supplier and there were issues from the start...

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Jenn27 replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

I can't speak for anyone else here, but I know that the Petco in my area doesn't take very good care of their fish. :( I went there once (before I ever thought about getting an Osar), and I wanted to get some fancy goldfish. They had some pretty ones, but the tank was dirty and the fish were very lethargic and some had Ich. After that I never went to another Petco. Now I onlly get my fish from Petsmart. Their fish are always healthy and lively. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. :(

We have had our Groucho (Tiger O) for over a year now...have watched him grow from 2 inches to pushing 11 inches! LOVE watching him swim around in his little 55 gal world. :lol: We also have a fancy goldfish and a black moor in a separate tank. We love our fishies!...[IMG]

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jlsclsnms replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

I go only to petsmart or my lfs. I don't care for petco either. They all seem to be under observation as you mentioned.

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jnet replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

I would say same supplier like already mentioned I brought my guppies from nuneaton Pets at home once. They all died within 2weeks not sure why they were fine they within a few hours of looking slightly ill they were dead. So it was Grants dads Bday, he had mentioned he wanted some more guppies and we went to Coventry Galliger Pets at home I explained how cross I had been with Nuneaton but having brought fish from this store before I just assumed it was poor treatment in Nuneaton that caused the problem. At the same time and unknown to me and Grant his dad brought some from Coventry canley. Same store all Pets at home but 3 different branches. Next day all guppies were dead but the mollies he already had in the tank were fine he still has them now.

Cant say what was wrong and it has really put me of buying from them again because it must be a supplier thing 3shops miles away from each other all having the same issue. My first guppies I thought had internal parasites but I was never 100% sure on this.

Sounds sad but it looks like these fish are desting to die could be disease, parasite, poor breeding or so on. But if you were the shop in question you wouldnt watn to sell these on knowing this fact.

I'm living my life, but not necessarily in the right order :)


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jnet replied the topic: Re: Possible Oscar Epidemic?

also another sad note to mention that happened when I worked in kennels. The lady bred springiers and would have several litters a year she had 20dogs but only bred from about 5/6 bitches and only had 2litters at one time. I looked after many pups whilst working there and most were very healthy occasionally there was say problem of worming but they were outside gundogs bred for trialing and so on.

One time we had 2litters at the same time, litter a was with Kelly a very annoying dog overall but a very good tried and tested mum and her pups were alway so lovely and sweet. The second litter were with Tay now she was actually a friends dog but staying at the kennels as we had really good whelping rooms this litter was a disaster from begining.

It was her first litter and so she was unsure as a mum and did not do very well then after a few days she attacked one of the pups pretty bad and the vet was called she seemed better with the pups and they all seemed fine. In fact some of these pups were cutest we had had and Lesley was proud to be looking after them. They grew and got round and fat and looked very healthy. They went out into the play pens and would bounce around. I had 2 favourites that I love to bits Racoon and dipstick I named then as racoon had round brown patches on his eyes and dipstick had a brown tail. But suddenly whilst Kelly pups were doing fine; one of Tay just died. It came as a shock and we were all upset, then another died and we were worried I went away on holiday and came back to find the whole litter had died or been put down I cant remember which and no one wanted to talk about it they were 10weeks old and just getting ready to rehome. Its making me cry just remembering this as its been a few years. But anyway they looked into it and they all had a deformatiy with their kidneys or liver or something and so they could not survive as they got older. It was really tragic but would have been worse if they had been rehomed before it was noticed.

But anyway just a thought as to why the oscars are dying if they are all from the same batch they may all have a problem.

Ok sorry Brandon I did not mean to steal thread but here is pic of litter that I found it is the only one I took which was odd I never normally took pics too busy working. But Racoon and dipstcik are at top right. They were sweet pups.

Attachment pups.jpg not found

I'm living my life, but not necessarily in the right order :)


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